5 Jan 12

Me and Nikki Cruz Update


Come see us get it on in my Member Area! xxx

5 Jan 12

New Wesite Update

New Update http://www.michellelay.com

15 Jun 11

Live Sex 6-17


Cum See me take a huge Load Live! Friday 6/17 at 6pm PST, You need to sign up here to view show http://www.michellelay.com




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23 May 11

Back from Europe


Hi Gang! Happy everything to you all!

Today, I’m starting to feel a bit of jet-lag…I just got home last night from a 2 week trip in Europe! Started in Berlin, then drove throughout Germany to Munic, Fussen, Baden Baden & the Black Forrest! I even made a pit stop in France to spend the day shopping and to have lunch! I then took the train to Amsterdam, where I spent my last 3 nights abroad! It was the most amazing trip ever and I can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam! That place is MY KINDA city :-) I love Europe, I love being there and learning and eating and smelling everything! There is so much culture and art and beautiful people, it’s amazing! The best souvenir I brought back (well, there’s 2 actually), is 1) A new vibrator toy called the “FORM” by JimmyJane AND a new Eurpean porno with chuncy girls & BIG NATURAL TITS!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to watch the movie and play with my toy! LOL I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend ;-)

But now, back to reality and to my life, which isn’t all THAT bad actually! LOL I do need to get my ass to the gym though, I also brought back about 5-6 extra pounds, all of which I can attribute to the good German food & beer AND chocolate! So needless to say, I’ll be spending the next couple weeks busting my ass at the gym!

I did an update today to my website, I added a solo picture set, along with a BTS set from a “Naughty America” shoot AND a slutty set of pics of young, hot teen Kylee Reese getting banged by an old dude! LOL I love my sexy, slutty little girl friends!

I’ll be doing a LIVE cam show this Thursday 26th,6PM PST, via my website, and I’ll be showing off my new toy! So come join me if you can, say hello and check my junk out! I’ll also be giving away 2 free, autographed DVD’s to a couple lucky guys in the show!!

Thats all for now folks, I hope you all have a wonderful week! See ya soon!


Michelle Lay


Check out the new site Update here:

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1 May 11

Spring time has sprung, so has my labido!


I don’t know what it is lately, maybe it’s the beautiful weather, maybe it’s just that I’m a horny old slut, LOL, but whatever it is…my sexual appetite has been pretty fucking strong as of late!

I’m fortunate to have been able to fulfill my hunger with a couple great scene’s over the past month, both of which were “1st Timers” and both with 2 very hot guys in the industry! I shot for Naughty America, “Seduced By A Cougar”, with Mr. Pete. I’ve been in the industry 10+ years and have yet to get my cougar claws into Pete, until now that is, and I’m looking forward to round #2 asap :-) So keep your eye out for for my scene with him, it should be up in the next couple weeks!

I’d like to give a shout out to Nica Noelle and “Sweet Sinner” for giving me the opportunity to do a very tasteful and lovely scene with the beautiful and charming Mr. Marcus! It was a stellar scene and a great movie that I’m proud to be a part of! THANK YOU NICA and Mile High Movies for letting me fulfill my fantasy in front of your camera!

I’m looking forward to the month of May…starting May 3rd, I’ll be traveling for the entire month. My first stop is Yosemite National Park, where I’ll be hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery and mountains and waterfalls & nature! Then come May 11th, I head to Germany and travel throughout the country, landing in Amsterdam, where I’ll be taking in the beautiful scenery of the Red Light District and the Coffee Houses :-) From one side of the world to the other, I’ll be sure to find something sexy to get into!

I just did an update to my site! A super hot solo set shot by Nicole Sheridan! http://www.michellelay.com/new-tour/home.php

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16 Mar 11

Happy Hump Day! 3/16/2011


First of all, I’d like to express my deepest sympathy & condolences to the people of Japan and to anyone here in the US who has friends, relatives and/or loved ones who have been affected by this terrible tragedy! The earth is definitely a powerful being and is talking back to us!! We need to work together, as one, help eliminate and come up with more solutions to take care of our Mother Earth! But in the mean time, we need to come together and help the people in Japan! I have already made several donations to help the cause! Every penny counts, every prayer helps!

On a lighter note, I am very fortunate and happy to say that my life is going pretty damn good lately! I’m working a lot on the Production side of the adult industry, helping my wonderful friend Dean Capture with some of his projects and ventures, I’m also working & focusing on my website, http://www.michellelay.com updating and doing live cam shows every month! My next live cam show is March 23rd at 5pm/PST, I answer each and every email I receive and for some reason, lately my worn panties have become quite popular and my panty drawer is getting empty! LOL Contact me, personally, for anything you’d like or “need” from me! Michelle@michellelay.com

I FINALLY got a new phone the other day!! I’ve been holding on to my old Blackberry Pear for SEVERAL years! Unwilling to give it up, I even glued some of the buttons in order to keep it going longer & longer! LOL It wasn’t a “Smart Phone”, it didn’t have internet, it was basic and did what it was supposed to do…MAKE PHONE CALLS!! Well, today I now have a “SMART PHONE”, which in turn makes me feel “Not so smart”, and I hate it! I hate technology, I hate NEWER & BETTER & BIGGER AND SMARTER!! I want to go back to the days there were no cell phones, life was much simpler then…quieter, people were more social, kids were more helpful, life was grand! But, what can one do? I must succumb to the pressure of this ever changing world we live in and learn to live in these fast times!

Ya’ll are wonderful for reading my blog, I hope you have a lovely, safe & sexy Hump Day and I hope to see you around my Face book, Twitter and website!!


Michelle Lay

10 Feb 11

February Frenzy!!


Hello everyone!

How the hell is it hangin’?? I hope you’re all as good as I am! Things are moving along quit wonderfully here in my life, chillaxing like always, fucking like always, being silly like always :-)

I had a pretty interesting weekend last weekend…cruised down to Hollywood for an Italian dinner, had a glass (or three) of wine, PLUS some Sambuca for “dessert”. Then I went into the bathroom and took some pics for you! Once I was nice & toasty, Reno & I decided to hop in the car and cruise down the Hollywood Blvd. I then decided it would be nice to take a few pics along the way AND give Reno a nice, little BJ. Low & behold, right before he was ready to pop, (lol, go figure!) we were pulled over by the popo! LOL Apparently he was following us for awhile and saw me taking pictures out the window AND showing them to Reno while he was driving!! The windows are tinted REALLY dark (which he didn’t care for) so he only saw the “shadow” of my head dissapear for awhile! I TOLD HIM I WAS SLEEPY! LMAO! He didn’t believe me!

Thankfully, he was a “fan of porn” and we were able to use our “get out of jail free” card! He sat and talked to Reno for 1/2 hour, wanted to come on set and I also gave him a free pass to my website! I LOVE COPS NOW! They are always there to “protect & serve” (just like me!)


Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner! So you all (men & woman) better be getting your sexy on!! Make sure you are all shaved & trimmed, make sure you have something sexy to wear! Make sure you smell good AND make sure you are all stocked up on MY PORN!! hee hee! Contact me, personally, at michelle@michellelay.com My movies go GREAT with a box of chocolate and some flowers!!


Michelle Lay


20 Jan 11

Latest Blog Jan 20


It’s been a week since I’ve written, so I thought I’d fill you in on my “cummings” & goings as of late. It’s weird, when I sit down to write about what’s going on, this week seems to be kinda boring and uneventful, LOL, I guess “seeing” my life written/typed on a piece of paper doesn’t always look so fun & exciting! So please bear with me and try to stay awake! LOL

Actually, everything is great, I have no complaints (as of 7pm Jan. 19th, 2011). I’m working on a few different things, not all adult related, but still fun to say the least. A little tid bit that you might not know about me, I LOVE TO COOK and bake and I’ve become what quite the favorite amoungst my friends & family and a friend of mine, who owns a restaurant in Malibu, has summoned me to bake for his dessert menu from time to time. My first order was for NYE and I baked a red velvet cake with homemade creamcheese frosting and shaved dark chocolate! This weekend, I’m doing lavender creme brulee’ (if he only knew I like to cook in the nude, maybe then he’d pay me more!)

I went to dinner the other day, with my old (not in age) and dear friend, Misty Rain! I used to watch Misty LOONG before I ever got involved in the adult biz, I then sought her out, met her and we became friends & lovers and to this day, we remain the best of friends. She’s no longer in the business…it’s no secret that she’s the mother of a beautiful 3 year old girl and she loves being a mom and living a quiet life. Anyway, she’s still sweet and beautiful as ever and she is definitely a MILF and she still knows how to fuck like a slut! LOL Having her perfect, round ass on my face again brought back some damn fine memories ;-) If I can ever get her in front of the camera again, it will be exclusively for MY WEBSITE and I will let you all know when you can tune in to see she & I in action!

I’m in the middle of cooking dinner right now. Caribbean chicken (with fresh jalapeno/mango salsa). I’m having a glass of wine (which makes me horny) and I’m waiting for a “someone” to come over for dinner, a movie and lot’s of sex!

I’ll be adding a Live Sex Show to my schedule soon so check back!



Michelle Lay

10 Jan 11

10 days into the new year…


And all is good! No complaints thus far :-) I’ve worked a couple days, one of which was a ROCKIN’ GOOD scene with Seth Gamble, for “Sweet Sinner”. I haven’t seen that sweet boy in almost a year and it was a nice little reunion!

This year was the 1st year in 12 that I did NOT attend the AEE/AVN Show in Las Vegas. At the last minute, I decided to pull out (total opposite of what I like my men to do!) and stay home! Call me old fashioned (just don’t call me OLD)…but I miss the way the show used to be! Smaller, more intimate and for industry people only. They used to serve food, have tables & chairs for everyone…it was like a big, xxx reunion & prom! LOL I know things change as time moves on, I’m just being a big baby & holding on to good memories. Either way, I’d still like to congratulate all of the winners this year! Especially my girl, India Summer, who won “Best Actress” for some of her work! YOU GO GIRL…I LOVE YOU!!

I just did an update to my members area last night! A solo picture set I call “Professor Lay”. Below is a sample pic, if you want to see the rest of the nasty photo’s, you gotta be a member! So now would be a good time to join!

FRIDAY, JAN 14th @6pm PST, I’ll be doing a LIVE Cam Show!!! Sign up Here!!

XXX, Michelle Lay

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4 Jan 11

1st week of 2011


Well I made it!! I made it through NYE, made it to the other side and without getting hurt! LOL Now it’s time to get serious and start living the new year! I have no resolutions…I don’t like making promises, out loud, that I don’t really intend on keeping! Besides, I like things they way they are. I like my job, my friends, my spare time…there really isn’t anything I’d change (well, maybe to have more sex, if that’s even possible)

I’m also ringing in the new year with my 1st LIVE CAM SHOW of 2011 on FRIDAY, JAN 7th at 6pm PST! Sign up here

I’m working on a new update for my site right now. Some “TEACHER” type of photos. Me on a desk, hair up, naked…you know, the same way YOUR TEACHER was when you were in school! LOL I sure in the hell don’t remember any of MY teachers being HOT (male or female). All my teachers in school looked…LIKE TEACHERS! Like teachers SHOULD LOOK! Older, frumpy, glasses (not sexy ones), ties, long skirts or slacks! NO DISTRACTIONS!!!!! Some may call it boring, but I say it’s what got us through school and the teachers all kept their jobs! :-)

Today, I’m also working for “Sweet Sinner” another “Cougar Club” movie directed by Nica Noelle. This time around I get to “work” with Seth Gamble. This will be my first time, on screen, with Seth (we’ve fucked before, but not for work, hee hee)

It’s damn freezing cold here in California! Snow in the local mountains AND at lower elevations! Freeways closed for over 24 hrs with 1000′s of people stranded in their cars…the main road to Vegas from LA shut down! It’s a mess…but I love it!!!!! These wussy people in Cali don’t KNOW what it’s like to live through a REAL WINTER storm!! Try growing up in the midwest where it so cold your eyelashes freez to one another and you can’t see when you walk out the house! LOL I miss the cold, but today I plan on keeping warm between the sheets!


Michelle Lay

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